Commercial Sublease Agreement Form

A commercial sublease agreement is an agreement which is signed so as to sublease a commercial property. This agreement mentions all the terms and conditions decided between the parties.

Sample Commercial Sublease Agreement


Sublease Agreement Number: ______________

Date of Agreement: ______________________

This agreement is a legal understanding between the Lessor:  _______________


The lessee: ________________________________________________________

The type of property on which this agreement is prepared: ________________________

The sublease is made and entitled into this ____________ day of: __________, by & between __________________ (Tenant organization) and _____________ (Sub tenant organization)

The lessor of this prosperity is located in the city: ___________ state: _____________PIN: _____

Described as: _____________________ Valid contact number: ___________

The lessee of this sublease is available on official address: city: ___________, state: ________, PIN: ______ Official Phone Number: _____________

Above mentioned sublease agreement is effective from: _________, 20______, ends on: _________, 20__________

Payment Terms:

As per mutual understanding, the lessee (organization/ individual), is responsible to make the total payment of ___________ to the lessor (organization/ individual).

Renewal Period:

In order to renew the agreement, the lessee will make a payment of ________ to the lessor before 15 days in advance of expiry date of this official document.

Please Note:

This Sub lease agreement can be considered dissolved in case of and violation occurs to payment terms, financial loss and social value to the property.

Signature of the Lessor:                      Signature of the Lessee:

_____________                                        _____________

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