Commercial Sublease Agreement Document

A commercial sublease agreement document is the initial step to prepare a legitimate contract to hire the portion of property for some commercial purpose.

Sample Commercial Sublease Agreement


Date of the agreement: __________

The Sublease agreement is committed between the Lessor ___________ and the lessee: _____________, will be effective from __________20__, and is valid till: __________, 20_____.

Section- A:

Tenant is the lessor who is willing to put property on lease as he/ she is situated in the City: _______ State: ___________ PIN: ________

Tenant desires to sublease the potation of property is situated in the city: ________ State: __________PIN:_______.

Therefore, the considered term & conditions and legal declaration are given forth below:

(a)Type of lessoned property: ____________________

(b)Lessoned Property Address:  City:______, State:__________, Country:_______, PIN:__

(c) The property covers _____ square feet area around the _________ market.

Rental Period:

The rental period will be considered active from _______, 20_____ ends on ______, 20______.

The rental will continue for a year. This agreement can be renewed after a year before ten- day advance of agreement termination date. The subtenant will receive a notice in advance of 30 days from the lessor.


The subtenant has to make the payment of _______ to the lessor on the committed monthly date without any delay.

Please Note: In case of any delay of receiving rent or if the subtenant is not interested to renew the agreement after a year, this commercial sublease agreement will be considered dissolved.

Signature of the Lessor: ________

Signature of the Lessee: _______

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