Commercial Sublease Agreement Contract

A commercial sublease agreement contract is a legal understanding between the sub lessor and the subtenant in order to hire property for some commercial purpose.

Sample Commercial Sublease Agreement


The commercial sublease agreement is entered into on _____, 20______ by and between _________Sublessor located at city________, State: ___________PIN:________ and ___________ Subtenant with address City: ____________, Sate: ______________PIN:____________.

The property is currently is located at City: __________, State: _____________PIN:_________.

For valuable consideration, parties are agreed to the following term & conditions:

  1. Terms:

The term of sublease shall be for _________ days/ year commencing on __________, 20____ and ending on __________, 20__________.

  1. The Subtenant is meant to use the property only for the commercial purpose.
  2. Base Rent: the subtenant shall be paying an amount ___________ monthly to the lessor for a year. The subtenant can renew the contract by paying a processing fee before 15 days of contract ending date.
  3. In case, the subtenant is not interested to renew the contract, this will be considered void.
  4. In case of any violation of property & mentioned term & conditions the contract will be considered over. The lessor can initiate a new contract with another subtenant.
  5. Security Deposit: The subtenant is supposed to make the payment of _________ as a security deposit to the lessor, which will be refunded after agreement policy is dissolved.

Signature (Lessor):                                                 Signature (Subtenant):

_____________                                                      ____________

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