Commercial Rental Agreement

A commercial rental agreement is an official understanding between the owner and the interested organization/ entrepreneur to rent some vehicle, property and goods, etc. This agreement is based on the typical rule & regulations for fulfilling the commercial purpose.

Sample Commercial Rental Agreement:

Agreement No: 435/ CRA

Date: January 29th, 2011

This commercial rental agreement is commenced between:

Details of Owner:

Name: Mr. Harry Ray

Contact number: 6878 446 6979

Hereinafter known as the owner party

Details of the Entrepreneur:

Name: Mr. Andrew Smith

Phone number 5879 363 6879

Hereinafter known as the lessee party

Both together known as “both the parties’

Whereas both the parties are willing to rent the cutting machines and are agreed to the following mentioned term & conditions.

This agreement is effective from January 31st, 2011 and is terminating on 31st, 2012.

Term & conditions:

  • The owner party will record the received payment, whereas $ 20000 is paid as advance amount.
  • The lessee party will pay $ 45671 as a monthly rental of the cutting machines and is allowed to use these machines for commercial use.
  • The lessee party will be held responsible if any technical problem is encountered to any machine within the committed duration of the agreement.
  • Any unsettled issue may lead to cancellation of this agreement.

Acceptance of the commercial rental agreement:

Signed by the Owner Party:                         Singed by the Lessee Party:

Harry Ray                                                       Andrew Smith

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