Commercial Real Estate Purchase Agreement

A commercial real estate purchase agreement is a legal document which is drafted when a person or party purchases a real estate property for commercial use from a broker or land owner. These agreements are based upon legally binding terms and conditions which are obligatory for the involved parties to follow.

Sample Commercial Real Estate Purchase Agreement:

This agreement has been made effective as on 5th Sep 2011

This agreement has been made between the parties whose details are given as follows:


Name: Mr. Mark Lawson

Address: 3-r, east street, Fred building, Northern Square Toronto

Contact number: 40932480342


Name: Mr. John Bing

SELLER owns the real estate land and agrees to sell it the purchaser on the basis of certain terms and conditions.

Address: 23-W, York estate,  Southern Square Toronto

Contact number: 473953304323

Details of real estate property:

Address: E-89, jack estate, Canada

Total cost: $800000

The real estate property is being bought only for commercial usage.

The following are the terms and conditions of the agreement:

  • The SELLER agrees to sell the land for commercial use only.
  • The BUYER must make entire payment within the first week of effective date of agreement.
  • The BUYER must not use the property for any private or personal use.
  • The SELLER cannot interfere in the matters of the real estate after he has been fully paid.
  • The BUYER is entitled to sell, lease or use the property in any which way under federal state rules.


John Bing

Mark Lawson

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