Commercial Office Lease Agreement

A commercial office lease agreement is an official agreement drafted when an individual or an organization takes a commercial office space owned by another individual or an organization on lease. The details mentioned in the agreement include the rental amount and the terms and conditions that both the parties need to agree to.

Sample Commercial Office Lease Agreement

This commercial office lease agreement has been drafted and entered into on 25th April 2011 by and between John Goods referred to as the lessor with his office located at:

41 Holy Hill Road,

New Finland, Los Angeles 5214

And Lily Corporation referred to as the lessee with their office address located at:

52 Holly Hock Road,

New York, New jersey 5212.

As per this agreement Lily Corporation will be taking on lease the commercial office space owned by John Goods located at:

4622 Smith Field Avenue
New York, Los Angeles 9401

Terms and conditions:

  1. Lily Corporation has to pay a lease amount of $200000 in advance, in failure of which the agreement will be cancelled.
  2. In case of any damage occurring to the property, Lily Corporation has to pay compensation charges.

In agreement to above:

Signature of the lessee                                                                     Signature of the lessor

Diane Lane                                                                                                               John Goods

(On behalf of Lily Corporation)

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