College Roommate Agreement

A college roommate agreement is a document that defines a set of terms based on which college roommates agree to share the room in a hostel or other living accommodation.

College Roommate Agreement

Address of hostel room: Room 4, ground floor, university hostel

Number of roommates: 2

Names: Ryan Helldin

Greg White

Room Fees: $250 per person

Terms and Conditions:

Each roommate holds the following rights:

  • Right to study, read and sleep but without causing any disturbance to the roommates.
  • Right to speak openly.
  • Right to leave or enter the room at any times without being a cause of disturbance.

Each roommate must follow the rules as described below:

  • To pay the rent on time in order to avoid late fee charges.
  • To take proper care of the appliances and furniture provided.
  • To take care of the privacy of the fellow roommates.
  • To be held responsible for damage to the properties in the room.

Signatures of roommates:

Ryan Helldin                    Greg White

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