Client Confidentiality Agreement

A client confidentiality agreement is made and signed between the disclosing party and the recipient. This agreement consists of the terms based on which the agreement is signed. Any deviation or misconduct can result in legal actions against that particular party.

Sample Client confidentiality agreement

This agreement is signed between the DISCLOSING PARTY and the RECIPIENT on Date: 27th December, 2010 and shall be effective from 1’st Jan 2011.

Details of the DISCLOSING PARTY:

Name: Mr. Red George (George enterprise)

Address: 12-4, first floor, Tim Street, New York

Contact number: +448789458589

Details of the RECIPIENT:

Name: Mr. Brown Mack

Address: 2-e first chamber, N Block, New York

Contact Number: +448290607479

Both the parties have signed this agreement based upon the following points:

  1. The Disclosing party hereby agrees to pass all the confidential information including financial details, technical issues, technology used and product details to the RECIPIENT.
  2. The RECIPIENT agrees to use all the information only for the purpose of discussion and cannot disclose the information to public.
  3. This agreement is valid for 12 months from the effective date.
  4. All the confidential information remains the property of the DISCLOSING PARTY and the RECIPIENT agrees to hand it back at the end of the agreement duration.

Both the parties agree to the above mentioned points.

Red George                         Brown Mack

(Disclosing party)               (Recipient)

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