CCTV Maintenance Agreement

A CCTV maintenance agreement is a document that is drafted when an individual or an organization assigns the responsibility of maintaining their CCTV to another individual or an organization. The details mentioned in the agreement are the kind of service to be provided to the CCTV and the remuneration that the service provider will receive for his service.

Sample CCTV Maintenance Agreement

This CCTV maintenance agreement has been drafted on the date of 10th of April 2011 between John Mayo and Every Day Departmental Store. As per the agreement John Mayo has to check and maintain all the CCTV’s installed at Every Day Departmental Store which is located at:

52 Jane Austen Road,

New York, New Jersey 5231.

Both the parties have to agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. The service provider has to ensure that all the CCTV’s in the store are in proper working condition.
  2. The service provider will have to look after the technical or any other faults if any in the CCTV’s.
  3. The service provider will get a maintenance fee of $100 for per visit.

It is evident that both the parties have agreed to the above terms and conditions by putting their signature below:

Signature of customer:                                                                  Signature of service provider:

Larry King                                                                                             John Mayo

(On behalf of Every Day Departmental Store)

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