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Tenancy Agreements

Tenancy agreement is a kind of a lease agreement between the tenant and the landlord who gives his property for rent in return for a rental charge. It is a formal contract which can either be written or oral depending on the parties involved in the agreement. The tenancy is for a fixed period of […]

Tenancy Agreement UK

A tenancy agreement UK is a legal document which is planned between the landlord and the tenant in order to rent a room, hire some property and commercial place as it is prepared according to the UK tenancy rules. Sample Tenancy Agreement UK: Effective date: _________________ (MM. DD. YY) Tenancy Agreement Number: ______________ The following […]

Tenancy Agreement Renting Room

A tenancy agreement renting room, as the name depicts, is an official document which is used as a commitment between the room owner and the renter or tenant. Sample Tenancy Agreement Renting Room: Agreement Number: _________________ Date: ____/ _____/ ______ This tenant agreement (lease) is commenced between: Name of the Landlord: __________________________ Address: _______________________ PIN: […]

Rent a Room Agreement Template

Rent a room agreement template is a document which lays down the rules and regulations while renting a room.  This template contains all the details of the room which is rented along with complete details of the owner and the tenant of the room. Sample Rent a Room Agreement Template: This lease agreement is made […]

Tenancy Agreement Template

A tenancy agreement template is the document prepared by emphasizing on legal code & conducts and is ready is used as a commitment between the Landlord & the tenant. Sample Tenancy Agreement Template:. Agreement File Number: ___________ [a permanent number assigned by the court] Date: ____/ _____/ _____ [DD. MM. YY on which the document […]

Tenants Agreement Template

Tenants agreement template is a legal commitment between the tenants and the landlord for hiring of any property, machinery or any other object. This type of agreement is prepared in the presence of the landlord & witnesses in order to lease the property. Sample Tenants Agreement Template: Date: ___________/ ____________/_______ [DD/ MM/YY] Agreement Number: _________ […]

Informal Rental Agreement Template

An informal rental agreement template is a readymade document which can be used immediately to rent the land, resident, machinery, heavy equipments & others. This document is signed between the owner of property & the renter. Sample Informal Rental Agreement Template: Date (DD.MM.YY): ______________ [date on which the agreement is signed]                                  Rental Agreement Number: _________ […]

Tenancy Agreement Template Form

A tenancy agreement template form is a format of a legal document that gives details about the period of lease, terms and conditions and rental charge information about the property under discussion for renting purpose. Tenancy Agreement Template Form: The parties involved in the contract are [Name of owner], hereby known as the LESSOR and […]

Letting Agreement Template

A letting agreement template is a document that gives a ready to use format for renting a tangible property. It must define the contact information of the parties involved, period of lease, terms and conditions and other account information. Sample Letting Agreement Template: The agreement is made between: Owner: [Name of landlord/owner] Tenant: [Name of […]

Private Tenancy Agreement Template

A private tenancy agreement template is a format for a private tenancy agreement. It is a legally binding document which gives owner the right to lease the property for private purposes to the tenant. This document avoids dispute in the future regarding respective responsibilities. Sample Private Tenancy Agreement Template: There are two parties involved in […]