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Separation Agreements

Separation agreements are legally processed documents which are widely used by the organization to terminate the services and layoff the employees. Such an agreement is prepared by revising the ethical working clauses of the concerned organization. Moreover, the separation agreement is also utilized as a legally enforced certificate in which a couple can separate from […]

Partnership Separation Agreement

A partnership separation agreement is a document which is framed when two parties agree to separate from a partnership they were previously engaged in. These kinds of formal documents are legally binding in the sense that the terms and conditions contained in them are enforceable by law and must be followed by the involved parties. […]

Business Partnership Separation Agreement

A business partnership separation agreement is a written document which is made when two parties agree to separate themselves from a business partnership or a business venture. These agreements documents consist of certain number of terms and conditions which are legally binding for the involved parties. If a party violates any of the terms, then […]

Business Separation Agreement

A business separation agreement is a document which is drafted when two parties agree to separate a business owned by them together previously. These agreements are based upon mutually agreed upon terms and conditions which are enforceable by law. The violation of these terms can lead to legal actions being taken against the party at […]

Separation and Release Agreement

A separation and release agreement is a documented contract which is signed between two parties who demand separation from each other and release of their respective belonging. The terms and conditions of this separation are bounded in the document which is to be followed by both parties without fail. Sample Separation and Release Agreement The […]

Online Separation Agreement

An online separation agreement is a document which is framed when two people agree to get separated on the internet through an online document and registry. These agreements are legally binding in nature and are as serious and formal as those which are available outside the online world. Sample Online Separation Agreement: This agreement has […]

Divorce Separation Agreement

A divorce separation agreement is an agreement or a written document which is drafted between two people who are set to get divorced from each other on mutual consent. These documents are legally binding for the parties and after signing, the husband and wife are given the ‘unmarried or divorced’ status by law. Sample divorce […]

Marriage Separation Agreement

A marriage separation agreement is a legal document which is framed between a husband and a wife when they agree to separate from each other out of wedlock. These agreements are signed and are based upon a number of legally enforceable terms and conditions which have to be followed and agreed upon by the involved […]

Employee separation agreement

An employee separation agreement is an agreement made between the employer and the employee in the event of termination of employment, where in the employee wants to quit his job or gets fired or laid off by the company. Employee Confidentiality Agreement Template Employment Agreement Key Template Separation and Release Agreement Sample employee separation agreement: […]

Legal separation agreement

Legal separation agreement is an official document where both the parties agree to end an agreement under the legal guidance. Legal separation agreement can be related to various business and other issues. Given below is the Sample legal separation agreement. Sample legal separation agreement: The agreement is made on 25th October 2010 and is between […]