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Sample Agreements

What is a agreement What is a business agreement What is a commercial agreement What is a confidentiality agreement What is a Construction Agreement What is a consulting agreement What is a development agreement What is a distributor agreement What is the importance of agreements? What factors should be considered while framing agreements What is […]

How to Prepare a Construction Agreement

The construction agreement is a legally binding contract between the parties. It includes the details of this construction project. This kind of agreement covers complex, expensive projects and also simple renovations. For the construction agreements mainly there will be 2 clients. They are commercial and residential. If there is any need of going into the […]

How to Write a Business Agreement Letter

A business agreement letter is used as an informal, short agreement between the businesses and people. It is better to know how to write a business agreement letter by the people who are involved in the business as it may be used by them at certain points. Based on the agreement complexity, an advocate may […]

How to Terminate a Commercial Lease Agreement

Leasing the business space is generally preferred by so many firms. As the lease is for temporary, the firm can be relocated if necessary. This commercial lease is ruled by an agreement between the landlord and the lessee. As a lessee, there may be many reasons for terminating your commercial lease. Unfortunately, the very common […]

What Are the Requirements for a Business Agreement

There are some fundamental requirements which are associated with the business contract. If these requirements are not followed, any type of business agreement will be nonbinding and will not be enforceable legally. So you should know what are the requirements for a business agreement. It is necessary that all the key requirements of such type […]

How to make a Business Agreement

A business agreement is a very important document which is signed by two or more parties involved in a particular business transaction. When one enters into a deal, he needs to summarize what they want to do in terms of services to be provided, termination rules, payment amounts and procedures etc, and write that formally […]

What is a Terms of Business Agreement

A terms of business agreement or a TOBA is a formal document which gives detailed description of the various terms, rules and regulations to be followed by the parties who are signing the contract. An agreement is a legal document signed between two or more parties where they agree to do something, be is sale, […]

Difference between contract and agreement

Often people wonder about the difference between a contract and an agreement. Infact most people consider a contract and an agreement to be one and the same thing and do not realise the difference between the two. Both terms hold almost the same meaning and are confused to be the same by majority of people. […]

How to write a lease agreement

A lease agreement is a document which holds all the important terms and conditions when a person gives a property on lease to the other person. A lease agreement is formulated between a landowner who is known as the lessor and the tenants taking the property who is known as the lessee. These agreements can […]

How to write a rental agreement

A rental agreement is the one which is formulated between two parties, one being the owner of the property being rented and the other person renting the property. This agreement legally binds the two parties who are renting the property and it is also important to clarify all the terms and conditions of renting. The […]