Category: Partnership Agreements

Partnership Agreements

Partnership agreements are commenced between two or more business entities and individuals to shake hand to avail the desired business opportunities to achieve the outstanding growth in business. Such a document is a legal binding in order to share the benefits and losses together. A partnership agreement can be commenced between two or more parties […]

Technology Partnership Agreement

A technology partnership agreement is an agreement entered between two individuals or organizations into a partnership business in order to provide technological products or services. The agreement states the agreement beginning and expiry date along with the nature of technology business and also terms and conditions to be accepted by both the parties. Sample Technology […]

Confidential Anti-Dilution Agreement

A confidential anti-dilution agreement is an agreement drafted when an investor confidentially gets his stocks and shares protected from dilution. The agreement helps to protect the shares and stocks invested when they are sold are at a price per share lesser than the price paid by the earlier investors. Sample Confidential Anti-Dilution Agreement This confidential […]

Non Compete Agreement

A non compete agreement is a legal document drafted when an employer and an employee enters into an agreement so that the employee after leaving the organization does not start similar kind of business or join any organization which is a direct competitor of  the employer. The agreement helps an organization to protect the confidential […]

Partner Matters Agreement

A partner matters agreement is an agreement entered into by two individuals or two organizations entering into a partnership business with each other. The main purpose of drafting this agreement is to highlight the important matters involved between or the terms and conditions required to be followed by both the parties. These matters include the […]

International VOIP Agreement

An international VoIP agreement is a legal document made between an investor in the process of internet protocol communications and a network communication services producer when they plan to install Voice over Internet Protocol system in an international country. The agreement states the obligations to be accepted by both the parties after entering into the […]

Solicitation Partnership Agreement

A solicitation partnership agreement is created between two partners of a project or business whereby they lay out terms and conditions of solicitation, that is, whether a former employee will or will not be restricted from soliciting employees or customers of a business, especially after leaving the company. Sample Solicitation Partnership Agreement This agreement is […]

Fudan New English Partnership Agreement

Fudan New English partnership agreement is created between the Fudan University E-learning College in Shanghai and any other party whereby they enter a partnership to promote the university’s new English programme and make it reach to a larger audience through use of multi-media. Sample Fudan New English Partnership Agreement This agreement is made on August […]

Memorandum of Understanding Agreement

A memorandum of understanding agreement is a formal agreement between two or more parties where the basic terms and conditions of the deal are outlined, although these terms are not binding and are subject to change in the future, especially when the final agreement is made. Sample Memorandum of Understanding Agreement This memorandum of understanding […]

Partners Equity Agreement

A partners’ equity agreement is created between two parties or investors where the ownership of the property or project is split between two owners and the returns from the project will be divided among the partners, who own equity in the business, either equally or at a particular ratio. Sample Partners’ Equity Agreement This partner’s […]