Category: Investment Agreements

Investment Agreements

Investment agreements are a piece of written document which is made between an individual, or a group, who are investing some amount of money either in the share of a company or in some financial institutions. In both cases, the agreement should clearly mention the exact amount of money invested, the mode of investment- one […]

Investment Agency Agreement

An investment agency agreement is entered into between two parties that offer the agency ship by one party to another. The agreement specifies the appointment of agency for undertaking the investment activities of the other party which can be an individual or a corporate company. The agreement sets out all the terms of appointing agency […]

Investment Guarantee Agreement

An investment guarantee agreement is one where one party guarantees the investment to the other party. There are two parties involved in this agreement where one party is the investor and the other is the financial institution. The financial institution in the agreement specifies the terms and conditions of guarantee of the investment. Sample Investment […]

Investment Research Agreement

An investment research agreement is one in which one party makes an investment for carrying out research activities by another party. The agreement contains the scope and duration of research that need to be undertaken by the other party along with the terms and conditions that need to be fulfilled to avail the investment. The […]

Personal Investment Agreement

A personal investment agreement is one that is entered into by an individual who invests his personal money into a company. The company can be a limited one or a financial institution or a bank. The personal investment agreement defines all the terms of investment made by the individual on the terms set by the […]

Investment Business Agreement

An investment business agreement is one in which two parties come together due to the investment made by one party into the business of another. The party that is investing is also usually another company. The agreement sets out all the terms and conditions essential for the investment into the business of another company. The […]

Investment Consulting Agreement

Investment consulting agreement is one which is entered into by an investment consultant with an individual or a company. The agreement contains all the details of the agreement that are necessary to bring a binding relationship between the parties to the agreement. Sample Investment Consulting Agreement This agreement is entered into between Mr. William Samuel […]

Investment Property Agreement

Investment property agreement is one which is entered into between an investor in property and the property seller. The property seller can be a company and the investor is an individual. The agreement defines all the terms and condition of the investment into property between both the parties. Sample Investment Property Agreement This agreement is […]

Investment Contract Agreement

An investment contract agreement is an agreement entered into between two parties who wish to make an investment. One of the parties to the agreement is the investor and the other party is one who invests money on behalf of the investor. Sample Investment Contract Agreement This investment contract agreement is entered into between Mr. […]

Investment Partnership Agreement

An investment partnership agreement is one that brings together various partners into a partnership firm based on mutually agreed terms and conditions. The agreement is signed by all the partners and should have a date to be valid. Sample Investment Partnership Agreement This investment partnership agreement is entered into between Mr. Anthony Gomes and Mr. […]