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International Agreements

An international agreement is that type of an agreement wherein the parties involved belong to different nations. This type of an agreement deals with the business ventures or transactions done between off shore links. Such agreements are a little different from others as they involved complex terms to be followed by the involved parties. International […]

International Agreement Template

An international agreement template, as the name suggests, is a ready to use document developed legitimately between the two or more international organizations or entrepreneurs to commence some business, trade and to start a partnership, etc. Sample International Agreement Template: Agreement No: ______________ [write the agreement registration number] Date: ___/____/_____ [on which the agreement is […]

International Trade Agreement

An international trade agreement is a legitimate binding between the two organizations, where one acts an importer and other acts as an exporter, to commence a trade relationship on the international level. In such an official commitment, two international organizations commence a trade agreement for goods, products and commodities, etc. Sample International Trade Agreement: Date: […]

International sales Agreement

An international sales agreement is commenced legally between the two international organizations, where one acts as the seller and other as the buyer. Such an agreement is prepared by committing certain term & clauses. Sample International sales Agreement: Agreement no: 6979/ ISA Date: January 31st, 2011 This international sales agreement is made & entered between: […]

International distribution Agreement

An international distribution agreement is a legitimate binding between an international manufacturer and an interested distributor, who is seeking to acquire the International distribution rights of products and goods. Such an agreement is based on the payment terms, good’s descriptions and other clauses. Sample International distribution Agreement: Agreement No: 5986/ IDA Date: January 30th, 2011 […]

International fuel tax Agreement

An international fuel tax agreement is a legitimate commitment between the international fuel tax department and a commercial driver, who is willing to take an IFTA license to claim the fuel tax paid during commercial carrier drives. Such as an agreement varies as per the country rules and is based on the different consideration. Sample […]