Category: Distributor Agreements

Distributor Agreements

Distributor agreements are a piece of written document, essentially legal, that gives the permission to the requesting distributor to sell a certain product. Such agreements should contain a detailed description of the products to be sold, the price tag, and other terms and conditions. These sort of agreements also serve as a list of legal […]

Manufacturer Distributor Agreement

A manufacturer requires to get the products manufactured by him to get promoted and sold, for which he gives the responsibility to a distributor and when such a deal takes place an official document is drafted which is known as the manufacturer distributor agreement. The purpose of this agreement is to provide evidence as to […]

Basic Distributor Agreement

A basic distributor agreement is a normal distributor agreement which is drafted whenever a distributor enters into a pact with a manufacturer to market, promote and sell the products manufactured by them. This is a legal document which results in execution of the business deal between the manufacturer and the distributor. Sample Basic distributor agreement […]

Food Distributor Agreement

A food distributor agreement is a document which is drafted when the manufacturer of a certain food item or food based products enters into a deal with a distributor to give the responsibility of sales and marketing of its products. The agreement has details like the kind of food product manufactured by the manufacturer and […]

Dealer Distributor Agreement

A product manufacturer appoints a dealer who ensures sale of the products and brings in revenue and when they are appointed a dealer distributor agreement is also drafted. The agreement contains details of all the parties involved and other terms and conditions which are agreed between them. Sample Dealer distributor agreement This dealer distributor agreement […]

Sub Distributor Agreement

A sub distribution agreement is a document which is drafted when the distributor of the products of a certain company assigns the distribution rights to another distributor referred to as the sub distributor. The agreement contains the details of the parties involved and terms and conditions agreed between them. Sample Sub distributor agreement This agreement […]

Standard Distributor Agreement

A standard distributor agreement is a document which is drafted when an individual or an organization hires a standard distributor to take the responsibility of distributing the product manufactured by them. The details mentioned in the agreement include the responsibilities of the distributor and the commission to be paid to him. The agreement is also […]

Software Distributor Agreement

Software or an IT firm also needs a distributor to market and sell their products and when they enter into a deal with a distributor a software distributor agreement is drafted. The agreement, which is an important business document, lays out the terms and conditions to which both the parties need to agree. Sample Software […]

Authorized Distributor Agreement

In order to promote market and sell the products of a certain manufacturer, the manufacturer gives the authority to do so to an individual or an organization and when such business formality takes place a legal business document is drafted which is known as an authorized distributor agreement. The agreement is a sign of evidence […]

Agent Distributor Agreement

When a product manufacturing company wants to expand their horizon to sell their product they take the help of an agent distributor and on such occasion a legal document is drafted which is known as the agent distributor agreement. The agreement binds the agent distributor to follow the terms and conditions laid down by the […]