Category: Development Agreements

Development Agreements

Development agreements are those kinds of agreements where the involved parties sign a pact or a document which makes them reach a mutual level of understanding of the various terms and conditions that are mentioned in it. Such agreements define the respective rights and duties which are expected to be fulfilled by the parties in […]

Web Development and Maintenance Agreement

A web development and maintenance agreement is a formally drafted agreement which is framed when two parties agree upon the web development and maintenance of a web product or service. These agreements consist of legally binding terms and conditions which form the basis of such agreements. Sample Web Development and Maintenance Agreement This Web Development […]

Cooperative Development Agreement

A cooperative development program is an arrangement wherein the parties involved agree to jointly manage and monitor the respective development task. An agreement which is signed between the parties involved so as to certify and legalize the deal is called a cooperative development agreement. A sample of the same has been provided below. Sample Cooperative […]

Website Development and Hosting Agreement

A website development and hosting agreement is a document which details the deal between the parties when they make an agreement for website development and hosting on the basis of certain mutually agreed upon terms and conditions. These terms and conditions are legal in nature and must be abided by the parties. Given below is […]

Co- Development and License Agreement

A co- development and license agreement refers to a document which certifies that the involved parties have agreed to develop a business in cooperation with each other and will also co- own/ hold the license to carry on the construction activities. The agreement specifies the terms of the contract. A sample has been provided below. […]

BT Vaccine Development Agreement

A BT Vaccine development agreement is a legal document which is framed when a health agency hires a vaccine developing company for development of the BT Vaccine. The development of vaccines is a complicated procedure which is performed only by professional with adequate knowledge and expertise. An agreement such as the sample below is a […]

Development and Manufacturing Agreement

A development and manufacturing agreement is a formal document which is framed when a company or person hires another party or person for the development as well as manufacturing of a product, service or any other entity. These agreements consist of certain terms and conditions which are mutually decided amongst the involved parties and are […]

Web Development Service Agreement

A development and license agreement is a written legal document which is drafted between two parties when one party agrees to hire another party for the development of an item or technologically related software or product for which a license needs to be granted. These documents are formally drafted and consist of certain legally binding […]

Airport Development Agreement

An airport development agreement is a legal document which is framed by and between two parties, one of which is the airport authority of a state or country and the other is the construction unit which is responsible for the development of an airport. These agreements consist of certain terms and conditions which must be […]

Web Development Agreement

A web development agreement is a written and formal document which is framed in the case where a company or a party assigns the duty or work of developing a web software or any other web related product on the basis of certain terms and conditions which are legally enforceable.  These agreements are signed by […]