Category: Construction Agreements

Construction Agreements

Construction agreements are legal binding between the construction company and a client in order to hire the services for re-constructing, renovating and building a new house or official construction. In such an agreement the service provider company is referred as the developer, whereas the client organization/ individual called as the owner. A construction agreement covers […]

Home Improvement Agreement

A home improvement agreement is a contract between the owner of a house and a contractor who offers his services including supply of materials, tools and labour, to improve the structure and look of the house in return for a sum of money. Sample Home Improvement Agreement This home improvement agreement is made between the […]

Home Construction Agreement

A home construction agreement is a legal document between the owner of a property and a builder or a contractor who takes the responsibility of building a house, along with supplying all the materials, equipment and labour, in return for a payment from the property owner. Sample Home Construction Agreement This home construction agreement is […]

Exclusive Builder Agreement

An exclusive builder agreement is a legal document signed between a builder and the owner of a property where a particular builder gets the exclusive right by which only he can build a house or any building at the specific location. Sample Exclusive Builder Agreement This exclusive builder agreement is made between the OWNER and […]

Independent Contractor Agreement

An independent contractor agreement is a legal contract signed between a company and an independent contractor who takes up a project but is not affiliated with any other company. Once they get the project, they can work in their own way and the company has no control over it unless it is specifically mentioned in […]

Trade Contract Agreement

A trade contract agreement is a deal between two more parties according to which a person or a company with expertise in a particular field or dealing in certain products agrees to provide his services or goods to the other party in return for a fixed sum of money. Sample Trade Contract Agreement This trade […]

Construction Sales Agreement

A construction sales agreement is a deal made between a contractor and a buyer where the buyer agrees to buy from the contractor and the contractor agrees to sell to the buyer a particular property for a particular sum of money for construction purposes. Sample Construction Sales Agreement This construction sales agreement is made between […]

Building Construction Agreement

A building construction agreement is an agreement in which the owner or recruiter assigns a construction company for building project. This agreement lays down the certain terms and conditions according to which both the parties are supposed to perform tasks during the length of the agreement. Sample Building Construction Agreement This agreement is made between […]

Joint Venture Construction Agreement

A joint venture construction agreement is an agreement that is made between the RECRUITER and two or more than two construction service companies known as the CONSTRUCTION COMPANIES. This agreement lays down the conditions to be followed by all the parties. This agreement also focuses on the mutual relationship between the construction companies. Sample Joint […]

Construction Contract Agreement

A construction contract agreement is an agreement signed between two parties which are OWNER and the CONSTRUCTION COMPANY. This type of an agreement consists of terms and conditions which bind both the parties to certain rules. This agreement basically relates to the construction work of a project undertaken by the OWNER. Sample construction contract agreement: […]