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Business Agreements

A business agreement is an agreement that is made between two or more parties whenever they are interested in conducting a business venture or deal amongst themselves. This type of an agreement consists of certain terms and conditions based on which the parties sign it. The main points that form a business agreement are given […]

Different types of Business Agreements

A business agreement is a legal document which is formally framed or drafted between two or more than parties or persons who agree to conduct some kind of business amongst them. These documents are of extreme importance as they are used to lay down the terms and conditions which are mutually agreed upon by the […]

Business Collaboration Agreement

A business collaboration agreement is a legitimate promise between the two interested companies or entrepreneurs to initiate the business together. Such an agreement can be made for starting a new business or for promoting the existing business with collaboration. Sample Business collaboration Agreement: Agreement No: 349/ BCA Date: January 29th, 2011 This business coloration agreement […]

Business Trust Agreement

A business trust agreement is commenced between a company or entrepreneur and an interested trustee by committing the certain legal obligations. In this type of agreement, the trustee manages the business property by treating business as a separate legitimate entity. Source Code Trust Agreement Development Template Voting Trust Agreement Template Sample Business Trust Agreement: Agreement […]

International Business Agreement

An international business agreement is a legitimate document which is prepared between the two interested organizations or entrepreneurs to commence a new business relationship on the international level. However, such an agreement is initiated with an international organization. Sample International Business Agreement: Agreement No: 234/ BIA Date: January 29th, 2011 This international business agreement is […]

Business licensing Agreement

A business licensing agreement is an official commitment between the business owner and the interested party, who is willing to obtain the license of owner’s business by promising certain covenants & terms. Such a business agreement is widely used nowadays to enhance the business by hiring the brand licences. Sample Business licensing Agreement: Agreement No: […]

Business Tenancy Agreement

A business tenancy agreement is a legitimate binding between the owner and the interested entrepreneur or an organization, in which both the parties approve the tenant agreement terms to rent some office building or space. Sample Business Tenancy Agreement: Business tenancy agreement Number: 750/ BTA Date: January 29th, 2011 This business tenancy agreement is commenced […]

Business Broker Agreement

A business broker agreement is a legitimate commitment between the business owner and the business broker, who participates in all crucial business sales issues and brings the maximum monetary benefits by acting as an acquisition consultant. Sample Business Broker Agreement: Agreement No: 456/ BBA Date: January 28th, 2011 This business broker agreement is understood and […]

Business Transfer Agreement

A business transfer agreement is a legitimate understanding between the seller and the buyer party, where the legitimate rights are transferred to the new owner after receiving the full committed payment. Simple Business Investment Agreement Template Simple Agreement of Transfer Template Transfer Agreement of Accounts Receivable Sample Business Transfer Agreement: Agreement No: 568/ BTA Date: […]

Business Lease Agreement

A business lease agreement is committed between the business owner and the interested lessee in order to lease the business. This agreement is purely based on the legitimate conditions, including payment system and lease duration, etc. Sample Business Lease Agreement: Business lease agreement no: 790/ BLA Date: January 28th, 2010 This business lease agreement is […]