Car Sales Agreement

A car sales agreement is a legal document created between the car owner and the interested buyer, who is interested in purchasing the car by accepting the offered price. Such an agreement is consisting of the car description, payment clause and obligations of both the parties.

Sample Car Sales Agreement:

Agreement Number: 7989 374 5790

Date: January 31st, 2011

This car sales agreement is made & registered between:

Details of the Car owner:

Name: Maria Smith

Phone number: 7989 475 6979

Hereinafter called as the car seller


Details of the Car Buyer:

Name: David Simpson

Contact number: 7989 587 7980

Hereinafter called as the buyer party

The car seller is willing to sell its car at the offered price, whereas the buyer party is interested in buying the car and both the parties are agreed to the mentioned clauses.

This agreement is legally valid from February 1st, 2011.

Term & conditions:

  • The car seller is selling the car with the following given details:

Brand name: Honda City

Registration number: AM 5878

License number: 697 IP697

Along with a tool kit and company fitted accessories.

  • The buyer party is paying $ 6798 to the car seller for which the car seller will transfer the nominee document on the name of the buyer party.
  • Any kind of disagreement before the payment can breach this agreement.

Validation of the car sales agreement:

Signed by the Car Seller                                    Signed by the Buyer Party:

Maria Smith                                                          David Simpson

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