Capital Investment Agreement

Capital investment agreement is signed to make a capital investment partnership between two parties. The agreement lays down those conditions that will decide the usage of capital in fixed asset purchasing and creating assets for the company. The details of the parties involved are also mentioned in the agreement.

Sample Capital Investment Agreement

This agreement is signed between the COMPANY OWNER and the CAPITAL INVESTMENT FIRM on 31st march 2011 and will be effective from 1st June 2011.

The duration for the agreement will be of 24 months.

The Investor firm will invest their money in the company for buying land property, commercial premise, machinery and such other asset that will help to expend the business and its profits.

Details of the Business Owner

Name: Mark Spencer

Contact Number: 43698702658

Business details: the person owns a readymade garment-manufacturing unit.

Details of the Investor Firm

Name: Josh Pattinson (Capital Investment and Securities Trading Firm)

Contact Number: 48730159606

Terms and Conditions of the agreement to be followed by both parties:

  1. The invested money will be used for purchasing and creating fixed assets that can increase the productivity and benefits of business. If the money is used for any other purpose than above mentioned, than it should be brought to the knowledge of both partners.
  2. The investor Firm will get 15% percentage from net profit of business at the end of every financial year for above-mentioned duration.
  3. Both sides can walk out from agreement by giving a prior notice of 2 months.


Mark Spencer     Josh Pattinson

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