Business Trust Agreement

A business trust agreement is commenced between a company or entrepreneur and an interested trustee by committing the certain legal obligations. In this type of agreement, the trustee manages the business property by treating business as a separate legitimate entity.

Source Code Trust Agreement Development Template

Source Code Trust Agreement Development Template


Voting Trust Agreement Template

Voting Trust Agreement Template


Sample Business Trust Agreement:

Agreement Number: 389/ BTA

Date: January 29th, 2010

This business trust agreement is initiated between:

Details of the company:

Name: Rainbow Info Tech pvt. Ltd

Contact number: 5969 484 5868

Hereinafter known as the business trust party


Details of the trustee:

Name: Mr. Joan Spencer

Phone number: 2828 567 9879

Hereinafter known as the trustee party

Together called as both the parties in this agreement

Whereas, both the parties are ready to initiate the business trust agreement by following the typical term & conditions. The business trust party is offering the corporate benefits to the interested trustee party.

This agreement is starting on January 30th, 2011 and is ending on January 30th, 2012.

Rules & regulations:

  • The trustee party will manage the business assets in the future and will be eligible to enjoy the corporate benefits from the business trust party.
  • Both the parties will not make the financial information public, and the trustee party will use the sensitive information with the consent of the business trust party.
  • Any violation to the above mentioned term & conditions can cause dissolution of this agreement.

Acceptance of the agreement:

Signature of the Business Trust Party                 Signature of the Trusty Party:

Andrew Timberlake                                                  Joan Spencer



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