Business Separation Agreement

A business separation agreement is a document which is drafted when two parties agree to separate a business owned by them together previously. These agreements are based upon mutually agreed upon terms and conditions which are enforceable by law. The violation of these terms can lead to legal actions being taken against the party at fault.

Sample Business Separation Agreement:

This agreement has been made effective from the date 23rd May 2011

This agreement has been made by and between the following two parties:

Party 1

Name: Mr. Mark jobs

Contact number: 4737409403404

Party 1 handled the sales, marketing, designs and operations of the company called ‘Jobs and Bradley’

Party 2

Name: Mr Ron Bradley

Contact number: 473747409740

Party 2 handled the management and accounts of the company and is a 50% partner in the company.

Details of separation:

The parties agree to divide the company into two companies by the names of ‘Jobs Corp’ and ‘Bradley Corp’ headed by party 1 and party 2 respectively.

Both the parties agree to be separated through this agreement

The following are the terms and conditions of separation:

  • Party 1 shall be given a 50% amount of the savings of the company to start his own company where he shall be the sole owner of the company.
  • Party 2 shall withhold all the logos and stationary of the company and shall be the sole owner of the new company owned by him.
  • Both parties must have copies of all documents with them.

Both parties hereby agree to the terms of the agreement:

Mark jobs

Ron Bradley


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