Business Purchase Agreement

A business purchase agreement is initiated between an interested buyer organization and the seller entrepreneur, who is willing to sell the entire business. Such an agreement is based on the certain legitimate commitments, payment terms and obligations of both the parties to ensure the successful business purchase deal.

Sample Business Purchase Agreement:

Purchase Agreement Number: 59/ BP

Date: January 28th, 2011

This business purchase agreement is made and entered between:

Seller Organization:

Name: Eagle Industries Ltd.

Address: Lot No: 9, Lew Garden, Down Lake Apartments, New York, America

Contact number: 8965 489 4738

Hereinafter known as the Seller party

Buyer organization:

Name: Rainbow Industries Pvt. Ltd

Address: Office No: 12, Near South – west apparent, Bakers Street, New York, America

Phone Number: 6897 478 3738

Hereinafter known as the buyer party

The buyer party is interested to purchase the marketing business from the seller party, whereas the seller party is agreed to sell the business at the offered deal.

This agreement is effective from January 29th, 2011.

Legitimate Promises & covenants:

  • The buyer party has already paid 40% of the total amount as the down payment and the rest amount is paid after receiving the business transfer documents.
  • The seller party will transfer the marketing business nomination on the name of the buyer party on January 28TH, 2011 in the presence of witness.
  • Late payment from the buyer party will be charged with 10% of the total payment.
  • Any unsettled issue can dissolve this business purchase agreement.

Validation of both the parties:

Buyer party:                               seller party:

Mia Johnson                             David Paterson

Witness 1:

Cassia Cruse

Witness 2:

Joan Gordon



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