Business Partnership Agreement

A business partnership agreement can be initiated between the business organizations, entrepreneurs and new firms. Such an agreement contains information of the business to be commenced and contact information of business share holders.

Sample Business partnership agreement:

Partnership File Number: 234

This business partnership agreement is a legal commitment which is commenced on November 22nd, 2010 between the following organizations:

Name of the Organization: Rainbow marketing Organization Pvt. Ltd

Location: Plot No: 45/ D, Industrial Area- A, New York, America

PIN; (212) 589 7980

Phone Number: 6895 859 8493


Name of the Organization: Woodland Sales Industries Pvt. Ltd

Address: Office No: 56/ K, Wind- D, Near Bakers Street, New York, America

ZIP: (212) 689 6060

Phone Number: 6900 609 4839

Hereinafter together referred as “both partners”

In order to start a new Business:

Location: City: New York, State: America PIN: (212) 690 4839.

Category of the Business: Sales & Marketing

Underneath given are the covenants and terms to initiate the new business and to obey by both the partners:

Commitment clause:

Both the partners are agreed for the 50% partnership ratio, whereas the decision for investments, accounts and finance will be taken collectively.

Profit & Lasses:

As being partners, both the partners will share all the profits and losses.


This business partnership agreement will be considered as null & void if any miss-conduct and breach is recorded from any of the partners. In this case, the offensive party will make a payment of $ 6873 as the settlement allowance.

Acceptance of the Business Partnership Agreement:

Signature of the Partner 1:

Samantha Paterson

Signature of the Partner 2:

Rosy Timberlake

Signed by the Witness:

David Robinson

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