Business Investment Agreement

Business investment agreement is made and signed between twp parties who want to invest money in some kind of business to yield profit from that. The agreement describes those terms and rules that will decide the nature and execution of deal between both partners.

Sample Business Investment Agreement

This agreement is signed between the INVESTOR and Business owner on 1st Feb 2011 and it will be effective from 1 April 2011.

The duration for agreement will be 6 months.

The investor will make monetary and equity investment in the business and will get dividends as per his share in company capital/stocks.

Details of Investor

Name: Christopher McGrath

Contact Number: 4830259764

Details of Business Owner

Name: Edwin Brickfield

Contact Number:  4863570256

Business details:  The person is running an electronics-manufacturing unit.

Terms and Conditions of agreement as decided by both parties

  1. The investor will invest in company’s shares worth $ 2000. He will also make monetary investment in fixed assets of company and that amount will be decided later by the investor himself.
  2. The investor will have a presence and say in company board meetings with voting rights.  He will get dividends and profit share from company as per his share in company capital for the above-mentioned period.
  3. The investor and company both will not share the financial information and other important business information with a third party. Violation of this claus will be subjected to law.
  4. Any depute will be solved through open and rational discussions.


Christopher McGrath

Edwin Brookfield

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