Business Confidentiality Agreement

A business confidentiality agreement is an agreement through which the PROVIDER passes confidential information of his business to the RECIPIENT under a contract which is valid for a fixed period of time. Both the parties have to agree to a list of terms to go by the agreement successfully.

Sample Business confidentiality agreement:

This agreement is signed on or is effective from 25th Dec, 2010 and is signed at 12-G, first floor, Greg chamber, NY

The parties involved are the PROVIDER and the RECIPIENT.

Details of the PROVIDER:

Name: Mr. Frank Bill

Address: 34-GH, brooks, NY

Contact Number: 494083498409

Business details: chemical insecticides company situated at 5’Th floor of the Yen building in NY.

Details of the RECIPIENT:

Name: Mr. George Well

Address: 25-T, Yen building, NY

Contact number: 483904830945

Both the parties agree to the following:

  1. The provider agrees to pass the confidential material related to his chemical business to the recipient for duration of 24 months from the effective date.
  2. The recipient agrees to use the information only for evaluation purposes and is bound not to make the information public in any form.
  3. The recipient shall be charged under law in case of not abiding by the terms.


Frank Bill                    George Well

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