Business Broker Agreement

A business broker agreement is a legitimate commitment between the business owner and the business broker, who participates in all crucial business sales issues and brings the maximum monetary benefits by acting as an acquisition consultant.

Sample Business Broker Agreement:

Agreement No: 456/ BBA

Date: January 28th, 2011

This business broker agreement is understood and entered between:

Business owner details:

Name: Eagles Sales Industries Pvt. Ltd

Phone number: 6908 328 6574

Hereinafter known as the client organization

Broker Details:

Name: Mr. Peter Atkinson

Phone number: 9285 678 3228

Hereinafter known as the business broker party

Whereas, the client organization is willing to hire the business broker for completing its existing Sales issues and the business broker party is agreed to the offered fees and payment terms.

This agreement is commencing from January 29th, 2011 and is terminating on January 29th, 2012.

Term & conditions:

  • The client organization will pay 10% of every sale to the broker, if the earned amount is satisfactory. The fixed processing fee will be 5% of the total amount received, which will be paid exclusively to cover the documentation fee.
  • The business broker will be responsible for completing the selling procedures by bringing the maximum high return to the client organization.
  • The business broker party will not disclose any sensitive information to the third party.
  • Any unsettled payment or official issue can dissolve the agreement.

Acceptance of the Business broker agreement:

Signed by the client company                          signed by the broker party:

Billy Paterson                                                    David Spencer

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