Building Construction Agreement

A building construction agreement is an agreement in which the owner or recruiter assigns a construction company for building project. This agreement lays down the certain terms and conditions according to which both the parties are supposed to perform tasks during the length of the agreement.

Sample Building Construction Agreement

This agreement is made between RECRUITER and the CONSTRUCTION COMPANY on the effective date of 1’St Jan, 2011.

The agreement is related to the construction of the building located at WR-145, T estate, CA.

Duration of work: 2 yrs

Details of the recruiter

Name: Mr. James Andrews

Contact number: 438984094898

Details of the provider

Name: Mr. Geoffrey Shields (Shields construction works)

Contact number: 4739489483400

Terms and conditions to be followed by both parties:

  • The construction of the building is the responsibility of the construction company and shall be done within time.
  • The recruiter shall pay advance of $1000 and the rest of the $2000 the amount after completion of the work.
  • The recruiter would be responsible of paying for the labour, machinery and the construction material.
  • Any delay from the recruiters’ side can’t be blamed on the construction company.
  • The construction company will do the work with care, skill and diligence.


James Andrews                    Geoffrey Shields

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