BT Vaccine Development Agreement

A BT Vaccine development agreement is a legal document which is framed when a health agency hires a vaccine developing company for development of the BT Vaccine. The development of vaccines is a complicated procedure which is performed only by professional with adequate knowledge and expertise. An agreement such as the sample below is a contract which can be used as a reference document.

Sample BT Vaccine Development Agreement

The agreement is signed between Hank Laboratories Ltd. and H2O Pharmaceuticals Ltd. on the 28th January, 2012.

The agreement states that the scientific laboratories under the name Hank Laboratories Ltd. is given the contract to develop the BT vaccine for the pharmaceutical firm H2O Pharmaceuticals Ltd. The laboratories are required to develop the vaccine within the given time frame.

Date of finishing the formula: February 2013

Details of the Laboratories:

Registered name of the Laboratory: Hank Laboratories Ltd.

Signatory Personnel: Dr. Jonathan Hunter

Contact No.: 309- 76- 395

Details of the Pharmaceuticals:

Registered name of the Pharmaceutical: H2O Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Signatory Personnel: Mr. Jim Hayes

Contact No.: 308- 64- 493

Terms and Conditions:

  1. The laboratories will have to maintain the expenses within the budget assigned by the firm.
  2. The laboratories shall not sell any information researched in the process of formula formation to any outside firm.
  3. The laboratories will be paid the pre- decided amount of money on completion of the formula.
  4. The pharmaceutical firm is not bound to give the contract of producing the vaccine to the respective laboratories.


___________________________                              _____________________________

Dr. Jonathan Hunter, Chief Researcher                                      Mr. Jim Hayes, C.E.O.

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