Brand License Agreement

A brand license agreement is an agreement which is legally binding and is made between two or more than two parties relating to the granting of license of a brand name. This agreement is made between a licensor and a licensee of the brand name.

Sample brand license agreement:

This agreement has been entered into by the parties on the effective date of 23rd July 2011 and shall remain into effect till 23rd July 2013.

The brand license agreement has been made between Fin Young who is hereafter known as the Licensor and Mathew Yales who is hereafter known as the Licensee.

The details of the involved parties are given as follows:


Licensor owns Young electronics and resides at 34-G, parks villa, London


The licensee owns a multination corporation with the name of Yales Corp. and resides at F-456, second floor, Hem way, New York

The total cost of brand license: $200000

Time period of agreement: 24 months

Both the parties must abide by the following terms and conditions:

  • The licensor owns the rights to the brand name and agrees to grant license for the use of brand name and its marketing to licensee
  • The licensee can use the brand name for his benefit but only for professional purpose and use.
  • The licensor can terminate the agreement in case of misconduct or any delay in the amount of money mentioned.
  • The licensee cannot grant license or transfer brand name to any third party.

Validation of agreement:

Fin Young

Mathew Yales

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