Boxing Training Agreement

A boxing training agreement is a written legal document which is made between two parties, one of which is the trainer and the other is the boxing trainee who wishes to take training in return of a certain payment. Such agreements are legally binding in nature and the terms and conditions in them have to be abided by on obligatory basis.

Sample boxing training agreement:

This agreement has been effective as on 29th March 2011

This agreement has been made between Mr. Larry Brown who is hereby referred to as the TRAINER and Mr. Paul Lawson who is herein referred to as TRAINEE

The details of both the parties are given as follows:

Details of the TRAINER

The TRAINEE owns a boxing training centre in 12-j, Middletown, West LA

Contact number: 4809348304304

Details of TRAINEE

Address: 4-H, First floor, Henry estate, LA

Contact number: 4930840404044

The TRAINEE agrees to take boxing lessons from the grass root level and up to the advanced skills from the TRAINER.

Duration of summer training: 6 months

TERMINATION of agreement: 29th September 2011

Timings: 5 pm-8 pm

Days: everyday

Cost per month: $500

The following are the various terms and conditions of the agreement:

  • The trainee cannot miss classes and practice sessions without informing the trainer 2 hours in advance.
  • The trainee must make entire of the month within the first week of the month.
  • The trainer cannot miss any classes and would have to provide backup classes in case of any absence on his part.

Hereby, both the parties agree to the terms of the agreement and give their validation as follows:

Larry Brown

Paul Lawson

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