Basic Distributor Agreement

A basic distributor agreement is a normal distributor agreement which is drafted whenever a distributor enters into a pact with a manufacturer to market, promote and sell the products manufactured by them. This is a legal document which results in execution of the business deal between the manufacturer and the distributor.

Sample Basic distributor agreement

This distributor agreement is drafted as per the State laws of the state of North Dakota and has been registered on this day of 20th May 2011 between Jane Developers referred to as the manufacturer with office address located at:

41 Jane Lee Road,

New York, North Dakota 5214

And Henry Smith referred to as the distributor with office address located at:

54 Nile River Avenue,

New York, North Dakota 5245

The terms and conditions to be followed by both the parties are as follows:

  1. The manufacturer gives the distribution rights to the distributor to distribute the products manufactured by them all over the country of USA.
  2. The distributor has to make a deposit of $100000 to acquire the distribution rights.

In agreement to the above terms and conditions, find the signature of both the parties below:

Signature of the distributor:                                            Signature of the manufacturer:

Henry Smith                                                    Jason West

(On behalf of Jane Developers)

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