Auto Sale Agreement

An auto sale agreement is an official document drafted when an automobile company sells a vehicle manufactured by them or an auto sales dealer or a car showroom sells a vehicle marketed by them to an individual referred to as the buyer. The details mentioned in the agreement are the model, type and color of the vehicle. The terms and conditions agreed by both the parties are also mentioned in the agreement.

Sample Auto Sale Agreement

This auto sales agreement is being made on the day of 24th of February and entered into between Amazon Auto Limited, the seller and the Jack Trade, the buyer for the sale of the vehicle that the buyer is purchasing from the seller’s showroom which is located at:

52 High End Street

North France, Paris Lane 5261

The details of the vehicle are as follows:

Vehicle type: Car

Model name: Se41

Model make: Hoard

Year of manufacture: 2010

Color: Red

Both the parties have agreed to the following terms and conditions:

  1. The vehicle will be in the custody of the seller till the buyer pays the full down payment amount.
  2. The seller agrees to provide one year warranty.

Signature:                                                          Signature:

Jack trade                                                          Dane Lane

(On behalf of Amazon Auto Limited)

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