Authorized Distributor Agreement

In order to promote market and sell the products of a certain manufacturer, the manufacturer gives the authority to do so to an individual or an organization and when such business formality takes place a legal business document is drafted which is known as an authorized distributor agreement. The agreement is a sign of evidence that the certain distributor holds the authority to distribute the products of the manufacturer.

Sample Authorized distributor agreement

This authorized distributor agreement made on this day of 20th May 2011, between Blood Green Corporation referred to as the manufacturer having its administrative office located at 3535 Arrowhead Drive, Carson City, Nevada 5214 and Good Distributors referred to as the authorized distributor having its administrative office located at 41 Brick Type Road, Carson City, Nevada 5216.

Terms and condition:

  1. The authorized distributor assures that they will be hiring well trained staff for the distribution work. The staff also has to undergo training by the manufacturer to understand about the products.
  2. The agreement period begins from 24th of May 2011 and will end on 23rd May 2013. A written request has to be given one month before any of the parties wants to cancel the agreement.

Signature of the authorized distributor:                     Signature of the manufacturer:

Glen Lee                                                 John Woo

(On behalf of Good Distributors)                          (On behalf of Blood Green Corporation)

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