At will employment agreement

At will employment agreements are made between employers and employees in a situation where both the parties agree upon the fact that the later can be expelled from the organization without providing any good reason for the same.

Sample At will employment agreement

Company: XYZ Software Solutions.

Employee Name: Mr. Nathan Astle

Designation: Software Developer

The following is a list of terms and conditions that are followed by the employer and the employee in case of ‘at will’ employment:

  1. The employee will be given a monthly remuneration of $10000.
  2. The employee must work for a minimum of 40 hours per week.
  3. The employee may need to work for additional time or during weekends. He may also be asked to perform different roles as per required by the company. Additional compensation will be reimbursed for these.
  4. The employee agrees that his place of work can be any of the centers of the company across the country or can be any of its client location within the country.
  5. As per standard norms of at will employment, the employer is not supposed to provide any reason for the termination of the employment.

_________________                                                      _________________

Signed by:                                                                       Signed by:

Miss Christina Columbus                                               Mr. Nathan Astle

(for XYZ Services Private Limited)

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