Associate Confidentiality Agreement

When one business organization makes a deal with some other business entity, business parties involved might choose for discretion. They may thus sign a confidentiality agreement which prohibits them from sharing any information with a third party. This agreement is referred to as associate confidentiality agreement, a sample of which has been provided here.

Sample Associate Confidentiality Agreement

This agreement is being signed between Mr. Jonathan Myers and Mr. Chad Michael Murray, as on the 29th day of January, 2012.

The agreement states that the parties which have signed the agreement are bound by law to respect the confidentiality of the deal they have made. None of the parties involved shall divulge any sort of information relating directly or indirectly to the deal they have made.

The agreement bounds indefinitely i.e. even after the completion of the respective project the information relating shall remain confidential.

Details of Party 1:

Name of the firm: Henderson Proprietors Ltd.

Authorized Signatory: Mr. Jonathan Myers

Contact No.: 320-86-653

Official Address:

Details of Party 2:

Name of the firm: Mathew and Mathew Ltd.

Authorized Signatory: Mr. Chad Michael Murray

Contact No.: 538-72-249

Official Address:


  1. Any party violating the agreement is punishable by law.
  2. A violation of confidentiality by fluke must be immediately reported. The decision about the position of the agreement in such a scenario does not lie with the party that is guilty of the violation.

I, hereby claim to respect the agreement and adhere to the terms laid down.


Mr. Jonathan Myers          :    ________________________

Mr. Chad Michael Murray :    ________________________

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