Artwork Export Agreement

An Artwork export agreement is an agreement made between an artisan exporting his/her work and the buyer of the artwork. The agreement specifies the terms and conditions binding both parties and what shall be the course of action if agreement violated.

Sample Artwork Export Agreement

This agreement is signed between Mr. Steve Roderick and Mr. Karun Gawarikar as of 23rd January, 2011

This agreement shall remain into effect for 12 months which makes the termination date: 23rd Jan 2012.

The agreement is related to the export of the artwork pieces such as paintings, photographs and sculptures.

The details of the parties involved in this agreement are given as follows:

Details of the Artisan (s):

Name: Mr. Karun Gawarikar

Contact No: 98846384694

Address: C- 34, Chowranghee Lane, Calcutta, India

Details of the Buyer:

Name: Mr. Steve Roderick

Address: B-2, 6th Avenue, New York, United States of America

Contact No.: 843949387953

Terms of Agreement to be followed by all the parties involved:

  1. The exporter has complete responsibility of ensuring the safety of the art pieces i.e. any damages caused in transit are not to be borne by buyer.
  2. The artisan must be paid 65% of amount before delivery. The rest must be paid within 24 hrs of receiving the order.
  3. All additional transport expenses will be met by the exporter (or the amount quoted must be inclusive of all expanses).
  4. If the agreement is violated the party responsible must bear the penalty to be decided by the other.

Signatures of the parties:

Mr. Karun Gawarikar                                                            Mr. Steve Roderick

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