Artist Investment Agreement

Artist investment agreement takes place between an investor and an artist or art company in which the investor will make monetary investment in artifacts or to develop the career of artist. The agreement lays down the terms of such deal and mentions the de

tails of all the parties involved.

Sample Artist Investment Agreement

This agreement is signed between the INVESTOR and the ART COMPANY on 1st May 2011 and will be effective from 1st July 2011.

The duration for the agreement will be 18 months.

The art company will provide advisory services for making profitable investment in artwork of prominent and new artists as per the demand of the client.

Details of Investor

Name: Kenneth Maximillian 

Contact Number: 48523079056

Details of Art Company

Name: Art World (Mrs. Shelly Burton)

Contact Number: 43201578678

The Terms and Conditions of Agreement are following:

  1. The art Company will provide its advisory services to the client for above mentioned time period and purpose.  The advice should be in interest of client and able to fetch him fair benefit of his investment in short and long terms.
  2. The Client will pay a sum of $ 1000 as fee to the company for availing its services.
  3. The investment related documents and information would be limited between those parties who are the part of this agreement.

4     Any violation of agreement conditions/rules would be considered for legal action against the responsible party.

Signature of the parties concerned is given below:

Kenneth Maximillian   : Signature

Mrs. Shelly Burton      : Signature

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