Artist Development Agreement

Artist development agreement takes place between an artist and an art promoting company/organization. The agreement is aimed to promote the career of artist by providing him training facilities, scholarship and such assistance that can help him to develop his career in desired direction.

Sample Artist Development Agreement

This agreement is signed between CLAIRE DENIS and CONTEMPORARY ART COUNCIL on 31st August 2011. The agreement will be effective from 1st October 2011.

The duration of agreement will be 18 month.

The Council will give a scholarship to the artist for studying contemporary art in France.

Council will also promote and organize the art exhibition of artist from time to time as per the policy of council.

Details of Artist

Name: Claire Denis

Contact Number: 493651806

Details of Art Promoter

Name: Contemporary Art Council

President: Lawrence Mosley

Contact Number: 4983601567

Terms and Conditions

  1. The artist is expected to participate in 4(minimum) upcoming art exhibitions, organized by council. Artist must participate in art workshops and seminars conducted or sponsored by council.
  2. The artist will get a scholarship of $300 per month from the council. No other monetary assistance will be given to the artist.
  3. If the artist will break the agreement or want to leave the agreement than she will never be consider by council for any future scholarships or such programs.
  4. The artist will not work or get associated with any other art company, council or studio during this period. The council will be the only patron of artist and her artwork.


Claire Denis             Lawrence Mosley

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