Apartment Sale Agreement

An apartment sales agreement is a legitimate document created between the apartment owner and the interested buyer to sell the apartment by committing the certain official clauses. Such an agreement is based on the contact details of both the parties, apartment specifications and payment terms, etc.

Sample Apartment Sale Agreement:

Agreement no: 79/ ASA

Date: January 30th, 2011.

This apartment sales agreement is commenced between:

Details of the Apartment Owner Party:

Name: Ike Samson

Phone number: 7989 385 6979

Hereinafter referred as the Apartment Owner


Details of the Buyer Party:

Name: Hannah Smith

Contact number: 7987 788 5979

Hereinafter referred as the Apartment Buyer

The apartment owner is willing to sell its apartment, whereas the apartment buyer is interested in buying the apartment by committing to the mentioned term & conditions.

Term & conditions:

  • The apartment owner is selling the apartment with the following details:

Apartment Address: no 67/ L, Cathedral, Salt Lake City, New York, America

  • The apartment buyer will make a payment of $ 59691 to the apartment owner, whereas an amount of $ 456 has already paid as an advance amount.
  • Any kind of unsettled dispute before the payment can terminate the agreement.

Acceptance of the apartment sales agreement:

Singed by the Apartment Owner:                                Singed by the Apartment Buyer:

Ike Samson                                                                    Hannah Smith

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