Airport Development Agreement

An airport development agreement is a legal document which is framed by and between two parties, one of which is the airport authority of a state or country and the other is the construction unit which is responsible for the development of an airport. These agreements consist of certain terms and conditions which must be abided by the involved parties.

Sample Airport Development Agreement:

This agreement has been entered into on the effective date of 5th July 2011

This agreement is made by  and between:

Airport Unit of London which is hereafter known as the COMPANY and is represented in this agreement by David Guetta.


Markson Construction Unit which is hereafter known as the DEVELOPER and is represented and headed by Henry Black.

Contact details of OWNER:

Phone: 487409400404


Contact details of DEVELOPER

Phone: 43070934004


Details of development project:

Name of airport: London National Airport

The Airport development must be completed within a time span of 36 months from effective date.

The following are the covenants and promises to be fulfilled by the parties:

  • Payment details:

COMPANY shall pay the DEVELOPER an initial sum of $200000 for the initial procedures of development process and will pay the other due amounts as and when required.

  • The DEVELOPER must work in close proximity of the COMPANY and must complete the work within the above mentioned period.
  • In case the DEVELOPER requires a certain sum of money, it shall inform the COMPANY 2 weeks in advance.
  • The recruitment of construction employees and machinery shall be under the administration of the DEVELOPER.


David Guetta

Henry Black.

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