Advisory Board Confidentiality Agreement

Large businesses generally need a group of advisors termed as the advisory board to guide the business operations from time to time. The members of the board are made aware of sensitive information which is not to be divulged to any 3rd party. Hence the board members and the business management may enter a contract which preserves the discretion of such information. This contract/ agreement are referred to as the advisory board confidentiality agreement.

Sample Advisory Board Confidentiality Agreement

The agreement is being entered between the members of the advisory board of the business under the name Mulberry Pvt. Ltd and the management of the business Mulberry Pvt. Ltd.

The agreement signed on the 29th of January 2012, binds all the members of the advisory board. The agreement prohibits the members from divulging any information they discover relating to the business to a third party.

Details of the members of the Advisory Board:

  1. Name of the member: Mr. Edward Cruz

Contact No.: 309-87-239Name of the member: Mr. Henry Forth

Contact No.: 309-65-764

  1. Name of the member: Ms. Susan Hathaway

Contact No.: 320-47-283

  1. Name of the member: Ms. Britney Shapiro

Contact No.: 310-34-972

Details of the Business Entity:

Registered Name: Mulberry Pvt. Ltd.

Authorized Signatory: Mr. Haden Ball

Position of the Signatory: Chief Executive Officer

Official Address: Plot No. 32, Fifth Avenue, United States


I hereby announce that I am aware of the fact that any violation of the confidentiality clause is legally punishable. I agree to adhere to the agreement made.


Mr. Edward Cruz         :                                                        ______________________________

Mr. Henry Forth          :                                                        ______________________________

Ms. Susan Hathaway    :                                                        ______________________________

Ms. Britney Shapiro      :                                                        ______________________________

Mr. Haden Ball              :                                                       ______________________________

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